Sarah Breyfogle

Hello! I'm glad you're here.

I'm a researcher, writer, and professional game master with a passion for exciting, hopeful stories that make people think about their world. I'm equally passionate about scholarly works and fantasy play, and I think there's more overlap between the two than most think. Let's get started.

Academic Writing

My research focuses on issues of identity in media. Currently, I'm looking at fan culture and how fans use transformative fan practice to interrogate issues of gender, race, and sexuality. I am pursuing a PhD from Howard University. You can reach me with academic questions at [email protected]

Breyfogle, Sarah (2018) Stories from the margins: the practicality and ethics of refugee film festivals.
Frames Cinema Journal, 13. Read Here
Breyfogle, Sarah (2018) Fan space in the age of net neutrality, MediaCommons.
Read Here

Game Design

Independent Projects:
Series: 100 Non-Combat Random Encounters (currently being translated to French by @tiborec)Random Insult GeneratorTen Taverns18 Rollable Shopping TablesShopkeeper NPCsTrollskull Manor NPCs
Collaborative Projects:
Through the Veil: Tales of the FeywildEat The Rich AnthologyDragon Over Braewood (to benefit RAICES)
Level Up 5e (working title)Cities of MagicChilling Tales from the Whispering Wind

Professional Gaming

I offer high-quality professional gaming facilitation, with a particular focus on creative facilitation in the workplace. I also do parties or long-standing campaigns. Rates vary by format and level of "homebrew" (custom-written) content required. When inquiring, please include desired system, duration, number of players, and a little about the event or story.

For inquiries, please email [email protected]